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What’s Centropy?

Entropy is the change from order to disorder. The word Centropy is a combination of 'centration', meaning concentration, and 'negative entropy', meaning order. Centropy is this transformation from disorder to order.

It's also the electrification of matter, which brings a creative renewal and the beginning of a new reality.

Centropy: order, energy, and creative renewal.

If Centropy sounds like a good thing to bring to your business, let's talk.

Why I do What I Do

My name is Lauren Owen. I'm a business coach by passion, training and experience. I believe in making a difference in this world. I seek to add value to my clients' lives by helping them identify and achieve their dreams. I help my clients grow their companies and get a life.

Who are my clients?

Owners of established companies who are serious about growing their leadership abilities and their companies, while decreasing their organization's dependence on them.

How Do I This?

Working together with my clients, we create a killer strategy, identify the vital drivers of success and install a management system to execute goals on a consistent basis. This approach creates a culture of accountability that empowers their team and enables my clients to focus on doing what they enjoy best.

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